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Popstars Boy Meets Girl was a long, grueling process that spanned 10 months of intense auditions, competition and hard work. In the beginning there were 4000 young men and women competing to be invited to Toronto for Bootcamp. Only 30 talented individuals made it to Bootcamp and began to fight for their chance at stardom. Cuts were made each day and in the end only five remained to create Velvet Empire. Justin, Ryan, Janelle, Alex and Lacey have made their dreams come true. These five artists have gone through so much in the past 10 months and have triumphed over every obstacle put in their path. The dedication and passion it takes to grow as quickly and as successfully as Velvet Empire is unknown to most but is one of the key ingredients to forming a strong and unified group. Velvet Empire has created an album with 12 tracks of chart topping music. Starting from scratch, we have seen Velvet Empire develop an urban style through their photo shoots with top Canadian photographers. Not only has Velvet Empire expressed who they are through their music, but also how they want the world to see them   -