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Bio of Ryan Hamilton Ryan Hamilton was born October 3rd, 1982 in Edmonton, Alberta and grew up with his mom, dad and sister. From grade five to grade nine, Ryan was home-schooled with his sister to allow more time to focus on travelling and singing. Ryan went back to high school where he graduated from Percy Page High School in Edmonton in 1999.
Singing has always been a huge part of Ryan’s life. Throughout high school, Ryan travelled across the United States singing in a group called The Young Continentals. This experience ignited his passion to sing and perform for the world.
Ryan moved to Calgary in 2000 to attend school when his father’s job caused the family to relocate to the United States.
Popstars – Boy Meets Girl has allowed Ryan to fully pursue his love of music. “I want nothing more than to sing and touch people’s lives through music. I want to be a positive role model for everyone. We are a group of five young people that are mature, focused and expectant as to what the future holds for us.”

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