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Bio of Lacey Block Lacey Block was born on April 30, 1983 in Lethbridge, Alberta. Lacey has a very strong musical background. She is in grade nine piano according to RCM (Royal Conservatory of Music) standards. She has been composing and songwriting since the age of seven. Lacey was enrolled in the jazz program at Humber College as both a vocalist and pianist, before leaving to pursue her Popstars dream.
Lacey has many interests in addition to her love of music. She has studied Hakukai Karate for six years and has her first-degree black belt. She also loves to draw, write poetry, shop, and talk on the phone to her best friend.
Lacey’s favourite performer is Celine Dion. Lacey even had the opportunity to see Celine when she was recently in Toronto. Like all the other excited fans, Lacey waited outside of a television station to simply catch a glimpse of her music idol.
The Popstars experience has allowed Lacey to continue to grow musically, not only as a singer but also as a performer. She can’t wait for everyone to hear the music she and her new friends have created.

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