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Bio of Justin Humes Justin Humes was born in Montreal on December 23, 1979. Justinís first language is English, but he also speaks fluent French. Justin was raised in Baie DíUrfe, a small suburb located on the West Island of Montreal with his mom, dad, sister and brother. Music has always been a huge part of Justinís life. In grade four, he became a member of the St. Edmunds Childrenís Church Choir and, from that time on, music was very important to him. Throughout high school, Justin was a member of the Montreal-based band, Ryde. He left the band to pursue his dreams with the Popstars project.
Justin attended McGill University from 1999 to 2001, majoring in enrivonmental studies. He plans to complete his Bachelorís degree in the near future, as time permits.
Justinís many interests include nature, hockey, soccer, rugby and snowboarding. His main hobby is playing music. In addition to singing, Justin also plays drums and guitar. Justinís strong love and appreciation for music shines through. ďI could not live without music in my life. I am so grateful that I now get to live my life through music due to of this wonderful opportunity.Ē

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