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Bio of Alex Price Alex Price was born in Vancouver, BC on February 14th, 1980. She is a citizen of both Canada and Australia since both of her parents are from down under. Alex has always been interested in the arts, with her main focus on dance. She has been dancing since she was five years old.
Alex discovered her singing ability when she was 11 years old and living in Los Angeles. She joined the school choir and began to learn the basics of singing. In 1993, she moved with her mom to Oregon where she attended the Delphian School. It was there that she became involved in musical theatre and realized that she was truly meant to sing.
Some of Alex’s hobbies include horseback riding and volleyball. At one point, she considered the possibility of becoming a veterinarian. However, her love for music continued to draw her towards performing, and it was at that time she auditioned for Popstars – Boy Meets Girl.
The Popstars experience has been incredible for Alex. “I have met four wonderful people who have become like family. I am proud of each person in the group and look forward to a successful future together.”


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